Our Feminist Agenda

9am // Elder Welcome

9:10am // “Chubby Cree” Drum Group

9:15am // Greetings from Minister of Status of Women, MLA Stephanie McLean

9:20am // Welcome from Jenn and Reakash

9:30 // **Campaign 101**
The basics of setting up a campaign
Facilitators: Erika Bullwinkle + Janelle Morin

hs_bullwinkle  image1

Erica Bullwinkle is constituency assistant to Linda Duncan, M.P. for Edmonton Strathcona. She was campaign manager in Edmonton Strathcona for the past five federal elections, including Linda Duncan’s three winning campaigns in 2008, 2011 and 2015. She has also worked on many provincial campaigns and was manager of Alberta Cabinet Minister Lori Sigurdson’s campaign in 2015. She has served many times on the executive of the Alberta NDP and is currently the Alberta representative on the executive of the federal NDP. She was active with the Edmonton chapter of Amnesty International for many years.
She has conducted workshops on canvassing, campaign organizing, volunteer recruitment and retention and media training. Erica lives in Edmonton with her husband,
Michael, a scientist at the Cross Cancer Institute. She is the mother of three adult children. Her hobbies are watching British mysteries and drinking tea.
Janelle Morin grew up reading everything she she could get her hands on (books, comics, short stories, newspapers, blogs, cereal boxes, bumper stickers…), spending time with her big, noisy extended family, and obsessively working on community projects. Her interest in people and their stories led her to the University of Alberta, where she got a degree in English, though she spent most of her time on campus working with student groups and supporting advocacy initiatives, including roles as Director of Student Group Services and Students’ Union President. She has an ongoing interest in politics, power, intersectionality, and social justice — she’s managed and advised on a number of municipal campaigns and serves as Board Chair for the Young Alberta Book Society. In her professional life, she’s worked as a program director, a policy advisor, and currently as political staff for the Government of Alberta. Janelle cannot live without classical music or coffee. She also likes to dance, making up for lack of skill with excessive enthusiasm. 

11:00 // Break

11:15 // **How to set up an anti-racist, anti-oppressive campaign office**
Rebecca Blakey + Parker Leflar

unnamed    parker.png

Rebecca Jade is a senior editor at GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine.

Parker is a community activist and workshop facilitator. He also works and goes to school at the University of Alberta.

12:15 // Lunch

1:15 // Workshops

**Your Media Kit**
Greta Levy + Mariam Ibrahim

hs_levy  mariam-headshot

Greta K. Levy has worked in legislative politics, in communications, and on campaigns for 4 years. Before that her shit disturbing was unpaid. She has a BA from Columbia University, an MSc from University College London, and in kindergarten was named Most Likely to Become an Environmentalist. She enjoys short walks on the beach and explaining memes to her parents.
Mariam Ibrahim is a writer, commentator and communications professional based in Edmonton. She spent more than six years as a newspaper reporter for the Edmonton Journal, covering general interest and crime stories until her passion for politics landed her at the Alberta legislature during one of the most fascinating periods in recent history. She has appeared on CBC Radio and Alberta Primetime and currently appears weekly on CityTV’s Dinner TV as a news commentator.

**Social Media for Political Feminists**
Laurie Callsen + Jenn Prosser

HS_laurie Callsen.jpg      hs_jp

A semi-professional #feministkilljoy, Jenn Prosser has over a decade of experience in organizing, and gets her #realtalk feminist activism from lived experiences. Working for some of Canada’s most outspoken feminist political leaders has provided her valuable insight on dismantling the patriarchy from the inside out, and how to push the outside in. Follow her RTs on Twitter: @jprossa.

**Storytelling as an Active Tool**
Laura Collison


Laura Collison is an activist and popular educator who can often be found door-knocking during elections. She loves talking with voters and finding shared values.  Laura is the Program Coordinator for Next Up Edmonton, a leadership program for young people engaged in social and environmental justice. She has developed workshops on feminism in community organizing, ending gender-based violence and sexual assault, and prison abolition. She also has experience in political campaigning, creating feminist community radio, public legal education, and social marketing. She believes in the power of sharing our stories to connect people and create change. 

2:15 // Break

2:30 //  **Panel: F*#%ed up things that have happened to good people**
Facilitator: Reakash Walters


Reakash Walters is an activist, community organizer and communications strategist based in Edmonton. She is passionate about the power of uncomfortable conversations and the beauty of listening. As seen on CBC The National, Dinner TV and others, Reakash is an unapologetic advocate for community based solutions to social issues. 

Reakash is one of the founders of the Edmonton and area chapter of Black Lives Matter and has been organizing environmental, political and pro black and brown actions her entire adult life. As someone deeply interested in formal politics, Reakash has spent time organizing on the municipal, provincial and federal level and was honoured to nominate Rachel Notley as the 2015 NDP candidate for Edmonton Strathcona. Reakash currently works in communication and education for the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. 


Janis Irwin
Katherine Swampy
Deborah Drever
Mimi Williams

4:45pm // Closing Remarks


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